Sunday, September 29, 2013

Project #2 PLN


PLN stands for "Personal Learning Network". A PLN allows you to have fast access to tools or people that could be of help to you. Symbaloo is one example of a PLN in which you can organize what you as an individual use online most often. This website allows you to add links such as social media websites, blogs, and any other type of informational website you visit most often. On my personal PLN to the far left I have links such as social media websites, youtube, pinterest, email links, google app links, and Prezi. In the top center I have links to my EDM310 blog, the EDM310 class blog, and blogger. The top right contains any teacher blogs that I have visited and enjoyed. I plan to add more as I comment on and visit more teacher blogs in the future. In the bottom right I have a link to google, the weather, an encyclopedia, and the University of South Alabama website. As I come across other interesting websites or blogs I will continue to add to my PLN. It has been fun adding to my PLN the stuff that is important to me and that I visit most often. This is a very convenient tool.

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