Monday, September 30, 2013

C4K Summary for September

Emmi's Blog
Week 1, Emmi:
Emmi is in tenth grade at Baldwin County High School. She is writing a blog post under the concept of, "This I Believe". Her "This I Believe" statement is on how men should protect women. She told how she didn't like how her dad treated her and her mom and he didn't keep his promises to them. He also spends money on different women but when Emmi or her mom need something he tells them he doesn't have the money. I told her I am in complete agreement that men should protect women. A man being loving, caring, and helpful is very important to me as well. The way a man treats his wife says a lot about his character. I told her I am sorry to hear that she does not agree with how her dad treats her and her mom, but I am happy to hear she is learning from it. Personally, having my father in my life has been very important. I was blessed with a loving father and he has shown how a real man should act. Emmi sounds like a very strong girl and she is learning from her father what she would or wouldn't want in husband one day. I encouraged her to keep her chin up and stay strong! I even told her to maybe try talking to her father about what she believes in and they could work on their father/daughter relationship.

Kim's Blog
Week 2, Kim:
Kim attends school at Guatmala City and is in the 5th grade. She wrote a short story that kept me on my toes about a wolf, a little girl, and her grandmother. The beginning was shocking. The little girl is eaten by the wolf at the very beginning and the wolf takes her picnic basket that she is carrying. Inside of the picnic basket the wolf finds some food and the grandmothers address. When the wolf arrives at the grandmother's house, she is already expecting him and is standing their with a rifle in her hands! I do wonder how grandma knew to be expecting the wolf and not her granddaughter? She was already prepared to kill this wolf! The grandmother proceeds to shoot the wolf 3 times and then on her fourth shot, the wolf was dead. I told Kim that I am glad the wolf dies at the end and the grandmother is okay. Overall it was an action packed short story and I enjoyed reading it and getting to experience her imagination go wild.

film making
Gloria's Blog
Week 3, Gloria:
Gloria attends Pt England School and is in Mrs. King's 7th grade class. She attended a workshop that taught her more about camera shots and filmmaking. The students got into groups and created their own video, her group name was GJMR Studio. It included the first name of all of her group members. They had one hour to film and edit a video with their group. The topic that they chose to revolve their video around was “Economy and Society”. Their main question for their video was “How did the world come to revolve around money?” I was glad to hear that this workshop taught her so much about the filming and camera shots. Her video included information on cleaning the environment and feeding the animals, which were great aspects that dealt with the environment and society. I noticed where she said families aren’t making money because they are too lazy to feed themselves. Prices are rising and money has overtaken our nation, and I agreed with her statement. We should all work as a team and stop being greedy. I enjoyed her video and information about the workshop she got to attend! Her group as a whole made some great points.

Ella’s Blog
Week 4, Ella:
Ella is in Mrs. Ripp’s 5th grade class in Madison, Wisconsin. Mrs. Ripp challenged her class to be completely silent for 20 minutes while they tried to solve two brainteasers with a partner. They could not speak or write during this activity. They were asked to explain in their blog how it felt, if it was frustrating, or if it was hard to communicate. The class read a book titled “Out of My Mind” and the main character had cerebral palsy and was unable to speak. The students were also asked to write about how it would feel to be this character and not be able to speak. Ella and her partner, Isabel had a lot of fun with this activity according to Ella. She said the first brainteaser was hard because it did not make sense to her so her and her partner did get frustrated. Ella and Isabel were able to complete the second brainteaser without a problem. Ella stated that she enjoyed this challenge and cannot wait until she gets to complete another one. She didn't answer all the questions that the teacher specifically asked her to include in her blog, but she seemed very enthusiastic about blogging and completing future challenges.

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