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Krissy Venosdale's Blog

August 28, 2013
"Seven things I Know For Sure"

Campfire Worksheets Krissy's blog post titled "Seven things I Know For Sure" was such an inspiring read. I agreed with all seven. She stated that Kids should love coming to school! When I become a teacher, I want my students to be so excited to enter my classroom and learn something new each day! Another one of her seven things was "Real learning can happen with a pile of dirt and a bucket of water". I agreed that real learning can happen with anything. Any hands-on activity is the best form of learning to me. It is an actual experience and it will help them to remember concepts and steps. Krissy also mentioned that mistakes are opportunities for learning. I can’t stand when students get made fun of for messing up or making mistakes. Every time a student messes up, they are able to learn and take a different route next time. Without mistakes and trial and error, this world would not be where it is today. I loved when Krissy said, "Another packet of worksheets is never a solution, unless for starting a campfire". This made me laugh and it is so true. Even as a kid I couldn't stand worksheets. They are just busy work thrown at the students and really don’t help with anything. Group projects, discussions, activities, videos, anything besides worksheets! We want learning to be fun and exciting and worksheets are everything but that! I enjoyed Krissy Venosdale's list of seven things she “knows for sure”. Her blog is very inspiring for a future teacher like me.

September 5, 2013
"A Mission To Learn"

Have a Passion
I love the fact that Krissy Venosdale creates a mission statement each school year for herself. I like the statement she made when she wrote, “I’ll forever be open to the fact that someone else’s idea is more than likely far better then my own…” If everyone could have that mindset and be open to learning new concepts and trying tasks in new ways, there is no telling the differences that could be made. Krissy wrote about her passion speaking louder than her position. If you are trying to change something for a long-term goal, fixing it short-term will never work. In order to make a difference in life, your goal has got to be long-term. This way it can affect others in the future and it can truly make a difference. Krissy finished up her post talking about having a vision and it being worth the try to make it happen. If everyone went through with their visions of change, the school system and life itself would improve so much. We have to stop just visioning these ideas and put them to action. I loved Krissy Venosdale’s “A Mission to Learn” blog post and I hope that when I become a teacher in the future I can hold on tight to this mindset.

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