Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blog Assignment #5

iCurio and Discovery Ed

What is icurio? This is a digital curriculum that focuses on the individual needs of the student.It removes barriers from learning and improves achievement. It also offers digital content for teaching grades k-12. What are some of the benefits? It allows teachers to discuss the needs of each student and gives students the tools needed to become independent learners. It also allows for flexibility for teachers to work with students individually. It helps to improve student engagement with a choice of resources such as videos, learning games, and images. How will I use iCurio? I will save time on lesson plans, have personalized student learning, have unlimited digital resources, and it will help me to help every student to learn in a unique way.

Discovery Ed
Discovery Education is a digital media service that offers virtual experiences, real time assessments, interactive texts, customizable curriculum, and state standard content. This site is committed to improving teaching and learning by transforming traditional classrooms into engaging digital learning environments. This site offers: free lesson plans, free teacher/parent resources, interactive textbooks, state standard content, images and clip art, an audio library of speeches, sound effects, educational songs, and videos. It is also has homework help for students to use. This website can help a teacher because it can be used for so many different activities in the classroom such as: Morning work, supporting resources, journaling, encyclopedia, current events, KWL charts, graphic organizers, and even more.


  1. Hey, I am Kim from kid blog. I just wanted to say thank you for uploading such a thoughtful comment.

    P.S. I hope you become a elementary teacher :D.

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  3. Hey Jordan!
    I thoroughly enjoyed your video of iCurio and Discovery Ed. I think that was a great and thoughtful way to personalize your thoughts of the websites as well as a useful visual on how to use iCurio. I encourage you to work on the fluidity of your writing. Your benefits of iCurio just seemed a little choppy. [of course that's just my opinion :) ] Other than that, awesome presentation!!