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November 18, 2013
"Improving Learning With Mobile Technology"

On Geeky Momma's blogpost this week, Lee Kilbert shares an eBook with us. She said that as educators, we all strongly believe in the power of sharing for many different reasons and resources. She shares with us Twitter IDs and blog URLs of 35 other educators to help motivate and inspire us. Each of the 35 educators were asked this question: What are the most effective uses of technology in online and mobile education? The whole point of this eBook is to show that technology drives student-centered learning. At the beginning of the eBook,on slides 6-9, it shows a chart and gives scenarios occurring in a classroom. It tells what the responses would be in "instructor-centered learning" and "student-centered learning" environment. Lee stated on her page that the most effective uses of technology in the classroom are those that are based on real-world problems.

November 8, 2013
"Levels of Social Gaming Acceptance"

Candy Crush
I was extremely annoyed with candy crush invites on Facebook. I had no idea what the game was or why people were sending me all these annoying invites, my brother being the worse. One day, my brother was needing some lives and he talked me into just trying the game out and the addiction began. I am proud to say I have not spent any money on this game (and I honestly never will). I am on level 50 and have been stuck there for a while. I do not ask people for lives or give lives because I do not know what people are actually playing the game and I don't want to annoy people, because I know how that used to feel. This game is definitely a challenge for me, but it is also a fun game to play while taking a break from homework.

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