Monday, October 21, 2013

Project #14 Lesson Plan

Link to "Project #14 Lesson Plan" Website

This lesson plan is for 4th grade Science and is a one week long for one hour daily. In this lesson plan titled "Habitats with ePals", students will learn about different habitats from doing their own research and learning from their ePals ,that are assigned to them, by emailing. Students will be able to identify the characteristics of different habitats and describe the plants and animals most commonly found in specific habitats. Students will explain why certain animals and plants live in specific habitats and describe the geographic and climate conditions of specific habitats. Each group of two students will be assigned and ePal to email with on habitats in their surrounding area. They will find out specific animals, plants, and weather conditions in their ePals environment. Students will create a Prezi with the information they have collected on their own and through their ePal. They will email their ePal their final project when they are done, as well as take a test on the habitats discussed in class from their classmates Prezi's. The link posted above will take you to the Google Site that contains tabs on the left hand side reading: Calendar, Lesson Plan Overview, PBL Checklist, and a grading rubric. Each tab contains preview of the document as well as an attachment of the official document.


  1. Great job Jordan! I love that your students will connect with people all over the world. It's a great way for them to learn. Keep it up!